A Century of
German & New Zealand Engineering

Established in Germany, SULO bins have always been engineered to the highest of standards and the most precise of details. High-quality German engineering is in our DNA and has been continually developed and refined for over a century. Compounding the German quality is our localised engineering and technical expertise which has enabled most of our 2-wheeled bin range to be made in New Zealand, for the New Zealand market.

Quality Assurance

Our reputation is built on quality, and we continue to deliver the highest quality bins in New Zealand which can withstand the harsh conditions of kerbside collection throughout the country. Our Mobile Garbage Bins are made in accordance with New Zealand standards and are engineered to meet or exceed the requirements of AS4123 and EN840, the current New Zealand and International standards for mobile garbage bins.

Safety Standards

Meets New Zealand & International Standards

Every SULO bin is certified to meet the strict standards as specified under AS4123 and EN840.

New Zealand Manufacturing Standards

Our facility is certified by Global-Mark to meet the requirements of AS4123, EN840 and MS1564.


Our facility is certified by Global-Mark to meet the requirements of AS4123, EN840 and MS1564.

New Zealand Manufacturing Standards

Certified Facility

Quality is part of our everyday manufacturing process at SULO and the establishment of Global-Mark Certification means we are no longer required to send products overseas for testing. Product samples are subject to daily testing to ensure full compliance to both the EN840 and the AS4123 standards, ensuring all bins are consistently manufactured to a high standard. Sample MGBs are put through a drop test, an impact test, and a stress test. Further testing on weight and volume, consistent wall thickness, axle and handle diameter, strength of the bins’ hinges and axles, and UV stability are conducted on a regular basis.

Detailed results from each test are recorded, reviewed, and filed.

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